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    Seed cleaner & grader is used for cleaning and grading seeds, grains, cereals, and other granule products. 

    It can be equipped to suit a variety of special jobs and purposes. 

    Dust and light impurity are removed by aspirator fan. Material falls on sieve layers and was separated by sieves according to width and thickness difference. All the oversize and undersize impurities were discharged from different outlets.


    eed cleaner & grader becomes basic and most favourite cleaning machine in seed and grain industry of global market, with high efficiency, excellent performance, wide application.

    It’s suitable for processing all kind of seeds,cereals, grains species and crops, such as wheat,paddy, rice,barely, maize, millet, cumin , sunflower seed,soybean,coffee bean, cocoa bean ,oil seeds, etc.

    Customized sieve layer amount and various machine combinations allow the seed cleaner & grader to be used for a wide range of applications and increase grading efficiency.


Working principle

    Feed grain into inlet hopper after air sieving, and then under the vibration the grain jumping and flow to the multi-layer sieving trunk, following the grains well-proportioned enter to the upper layer sieve via the rubber curtain. Selected grains will fall into the next lower sieving panel after sieving, chaff and debris blocked by sieves and transfer to the outlet of large impurity. The selected grains will fall into the lower layers sieving panels, and will be graded into different levels of the different grain sizes by sieving in different sieving layers, that caused by the layers sieving panels have different mash size. Selected grains flow to the outlets of good grain, fill into bag hung on the bag holder. Cap of outlets can be used when shift bagging that means the cap can be close when you change the bag. It is the whole work flow for the separator.

    Use different sieve to different process of different type of grains. The observing windows on the sieving trunk are for checking operation.

Dimension (L×W×H)


Dimension of each sieve layer


Capacity(count by wheat)

10000 kg/h


1800 kg

Motor Power

Air Blower

Vibration Motors

Elevator Motor

Air Lock


7.5 kw

0.75 kw*2

0.75 kw

0.75 kw

Total Power

10.5 kw

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