About us


Who we are


Business since 1997, based on Huaixi industry park, Shijiazhuang City, China.During over 20 years manage, we become the worldwide successful manufacturer for grain cleaning & seed processing machinery, and the biggest one in China, has 11 hectare land with advanced processing equipment such as laser cutter, CNC lathe, etc.


In year 2004, we start international trading, following 5 years we have rapid develop on that, so at year 2010 we built one international brand of grain cleaning & seed processing machinery, also funded an independent corporate entity 'SYNMEC International trading Ltd.', that for provide better trading service for our oversea customer.


Our vision


You can see ….. The grain after harvest will contain many different impurities, such as dust, straw, stone, soil block, etc. The seed may moldy, damaged, illness and blighted, which may not germinateafter sowing. The beans have mud on the surface which reduce its market price.We have the technologies and machine tobuild strong seed, healthy grain and pretty beans.


What we do


To build the machine for clean the post-harvest grain let them go to the market freely, advance cleaning remove the lose vigour seed, increase their germinate rate, polishing the bean make it shine increase its market price.


We are the world top adviser for grain cleaning & seed processing solution. We have strong engineering group with well knowledge, all engineers are go aboard several times, know your grain, know your impurities, also with wider product range, so we can provide more solution for meet with your budget.


Why choice us


Machine: 20 year only do one job, persistently devoted to researching and developing the highly technical machine, now have full series grain cleaning and seed processing machine, from per-cleaning, air cleaning, sieving, stone removing, gravity separating, grading, seed treating and bagging, also many different capacity available.


Service: Based on "anything we can do, we do best for you", nowwe hold over 70% oversea market of grain cleaning and seed processing machine in Chinese suppliers. We have one independentinternational trading company ‘SYNMEC’ for provide risk-free and professional service, now service over 100 countries. We provide full English user manual, video user manual and video assemble instruction, also on-site installation and trading service.


Knowledge: Know your grain, know how to clean it, according with trading over 100 countries and receive feedback from our customer, we have well knowledge for clean different grain of different country, such as alfalfa seed, azuki bean, barley, black bean, black sesame, bucket wheat, cassia seed, castor, chia seed, chickpea, cocoa bean, coffee bean, maize seed fennel, grape seed, grass seed, green mung bean, kidney bean, millet, oat, oil seed, peanut, pine nut, pumpkin seed, palm kernel, quinoa seed, red kidney bean, rice, sorghum, wheat, white sesame, soybean, sunflower seed, teff seed, etc. 


Enterprise spirit:


"innovative, take challenge and surpass", and we tenet of "First grade quality, superior service and top reputation". Causing by that spirit our machine success export to Euro, Australia and Canada, and with highly reputation in Australia.





We are not only selling machines, we make a solution for particular customer, depend on which grain, which impurity in it, their budget and business plan, work as a partner for business growth with the customer together.



1997 Business started and factory was established.

2002 Ruixue Grain Selecting Machinery Co., Ltd. start to manufacture seed cleaning and processing machinery.

2004 Start international trading

2009 Rapid growth period for oversea market.

2010 We founded SYNMEC International Trading Ltd. for provide better international trading serive

2013 SYNMEC service 76 countries, help they obtain strong seed, healthy grain and pretty beans, in the same we upgrade to level B international trading company in China.

2014 New factory opened, one group can to running business in here.

2015 Exported to over 100 countries and upgrade to Level A.

2016 Old factory closed, all staffs happy to work in the new factory..

2017 Exported our machines to more than 110 countries.

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